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Keystone - Statutory Moderation, Monitoring and Assessment

Key Stage 1 and 2 Statutory Monitoring and Moderation

The feedback we receive from our training and visits into school plays a pivotal role in the training process as it facilitates sustained improvement and enables continuous refinement in our delivery and support for schools. All training led by the Lincolnshire Moderation Team is evaluated by delegates to inform next steps. Last year, over 99% of all training delivered was judged to be good or higher with the team receiving very complimentary feedback from schools. Below is a sample of feedback received by us.

Feedback from Statutory Moderation Visits

‘Thank you for being so professional and thorough. We greatly appreciate your expertise and praise for our staff, children and work. You are a brilliant team.’

Lincolnshire MAT CEO

‘The process was supportive and collaborative; made to feel professionally at ease. A pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable team.’

Lincolnshire Headteacher

‘A really positive experience. All teachers felt at ease throughout the process. Lovely professional conversations were had. It has been a pleasure.’

Lincolnshire Headteacher

‘The process today was very well organised, collaborative and respectful. The professional challenge will really support us moving forward.’

Lincolnshire Deputy Headteacher

‘Thank you for all of the work that goes into the assessment and moderation information. As a headteacher new to the locality it has been really valuable.’

Lincolnshire Headteacher

Bespoke Support Feedback

‘We have had great support this year from the Lincolnshire Moderation Team, our ECT has become very confident and the moderation at the end of the year confirmed her judgements.’

Lincolnshire Headteacher

‘Thank you so much for all your support, ideas and time today. I know we found it really beneficial and we have both said we feel excited about teaching English now. We can really see where we are going and what we are trying to achieve. You really are a fountain of knowledge!’

Lincolnshire English Subject Lead

Training Feedback

‘Thank you for a FABULOUS day! So thought-provoking and inspiring and every session was extremely relevant. A really good balance of strategies to use, wellbeing and opportunities to reflect. Thank you! Just what I needed :)’

‘Excellent training! Well-presented and useful links to external resources. Padlet is helpful as ever.’

‘This was a really well-run session. There’s a lot of information but it was concise where it could be and responsive to the needs and questions of the group. Thank you.’

‘The training was very insightful. The team shared both their expertise and experience on moderation and capturing the best opportunities for the children. They were able to guide us on where you can provide opportunities for the children to meet the learning objectives and offered reassurance on the whole process.’

‘That was some of the best writing training I have seen in a very long time. Practical and exceptionally high level in terms of expectations and the staff here can implement such a lot of it very quickly. I was absolutely glued to the writing process you shared.’

‘The Lincolnshire Moderation Team training is always excellent.  It is very practical and provides good working examples.  They manage the time well and are very articulate.  Having training each year around statutory assessment is very helpful.  Thank you.’

‘Very good session provided by the Lincolnshire Moderation Team. Their knowledge and information were superb. Attentive to everyone’s needs and supportive.’

‘Really strong delivery and made it seem slightly less daunting for an ECT!’

Resource Feedback

‘Very clear materials and exemplification. Subject leaders and class teachers will find this very useful to ensure accuracy and consistency.’

‘The book of exemplification materials is an excellent resource!’

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